Panamsat 7

Launch Time
Wed Sep 16, 1998 06:31 UTC

Flight V110.


Ariane 44LP
Image Credit: Arianespace
Status: Retired
Liftoff Thrust: 5,800 kN
Payload to GTO: 4,220 kg
Stages: 3
Strap-ons: 4
Rocket Height: 58.72 m

Mission Details

Panamsat 7

PanAmSat-7 (PAS-7), located over the Indian Ocean, provides coverage to China, India, the Middle East, South Africa, and Europe.

PAS-7 has 30 Ku-band channels at 100 Watts and 14 C-band channels at 50 Watts. The PAS-6/7/8 spacecraft are based on SS/L's three-axis, body-stabilized SSL-1300 bus.

Intelsat changed the name of the PAS satellites to Intelsat effective to 1. February 2007.

PAS-7 experienced a sudden reduction of approximately 25 percent of its power capacity because of a technical difficulty with one of the spacecraft's solar arrays. The incident took place on 6 September 2001 when the spacecraft came out of an eclipse. Services for all existing customers on the satellite have not been affected.

The satellite was retired in 2016 and was moved into a graveyard orbit above the geostationary belt.

Payloads: 1
Total Mass: 3,838.0 kg
Geostationary Transfer Orbit


ELA-2, Guiana Space Centre, French Guiana, France



57th orbital launch attempt


99th mission
6th mission of 1998
94th successful mission
38th consecutive successful mission

Ariane 4

80th mission
6th mission of 1998
77th successful mission
38th consecutive successful mission