Next Spaceflight
Next Spaceflight is making it easier than ever before to track the latest in spaceflight.

Our Android app is already providing up to date launch manifests and other important news to tens of thousands of users. Now, will expand our capabilities.

With this new site, we are not only bringing our platform to the web, but also transitioning to our own servers. From the start, all launch, event, rocket, and location data is provided by our own database rather than a third party.

If you are interested in helping enter data, please reach out on our Discord.

The Android app will continue to use the original data sources until the website’s database has been expanded.
Join our Discord community if you want to chat about space, help enter data on the site, or just hang out!
Our goal is to make it simple and easy to know what’s going on when. The easier it is to track space activity, the more likely people are to get engaged.

If you are interested in supporting our efforts, you can sign up to provide monetary donations on Patreon. How much you donate is up to you. As a thank you, you will will recieve some cool rewards. More info on our Patreon page.
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Android App
While our website is designed to work on mobile devices, our Android app provides the best mobile experience including push notifications for upcoming launches and events.
iOS App
Development on our iOS app will begin in the second half of 2018. For now, iOS users can use Our website is designed to look great on mobile devices!
For questions, concerns, suggestions, and feedback of any kind please send us an email or reach out on Twitter.
Future Plans
With our new website, we have lots of new features in the works. In particular, we would like to add a statistics section with lots of new insights into the different launch providers and vehicles. There is a lot that can be automatically computed using our existing data. Stay tuned!