Next Spaceflight
HTV-9 Release
The HTV-9 cargo resupply vehicle will be released by the robotic Canadarm2 on the International Space Station. Following the release, HTV will deorbit and burn up in Earth's atmosphere. This is the last HTV Cargo.
Wed Aug 19, 2020 17:35 UTC
International Space Station
SLS Green Run Hotfire
The core stage for NASA's first SLS rocket will perform a Green Run hotfire test on the B-2 test stand at NASA Stennis.
NET September, 2020
Stennis Space Center, Mississippi, USA
OSIRIS-REx Samples Bennu
OSIRIS-REx will move into position to collect a sample of asteroid Bennu's surface material. The spacecraft's sampling arm will then touch the surface for five seconds as part of the Touch-And-Go (TAG) sampling maneuver.
NET Tue Oct 20, 2020
Russian EVA 47
Two cosmonauts will perform a spacewalk on the International Space Station.
NET October, 2020
International Space Station
Hayabusa-2 returns a sample of Ryugu to Earth
After collecting several samples of the asteroid Ryugu, and after dropping several objects on its surface, Hayabusa-2 will leave Ryugu in December 2019 to bring back the samples it has collected on the asteroid. The capsule containing them should land in the Australian desert just like the Hayabusa-1 mission.
NET December, 2020
Australian Desert
Perseverance Landing
NASA's Perseverance Mars rover will land at Jezero crater on Mars. The mission will seek signs of habitable conditions on Mars in the ancient past, and will also search for evidence—or biosignatures—of past microbial life.
NET Thu Feb 18, 2021
Jezero crater, Mars
Huoxing-1 Landing on Mars
The Chinese Martian lander Huoxing-1 will land at Chryse Planitia on Mars. It will become the first Chinese object on Mars. The HX-1 lander also contains a small rover. (Image credit: Xinhua)
NET Tue Mar 23, 2021
Chryse Planitia, Mars
Removal of the Pirs module
Russia will remove the Pirs module from the International Space Station to free the location for the future Nauka module. The undocking will be performed by a Progress cargo craft. The two vehicles will then be deorbited – burning up in Earth's atmosphere.
NET March, 2021
International Space Station
Nauka docking
The new Russian Nauka module will allow Russia to have an additional scientific module aboard the International Space Station. Nauka will dock at the port of the old Pirs module.
NET April, 2021
International Space Station
Callisto Test Flight
Callisto is a prototype vehicle for a reusable rocket being developed by CNES, DLR, and JAXA. It will liftoff from the Kourou base in French Guiana for a suborbital flight, before returning to land next to the launch pad.
NET January, 2022
Kourou Space Center, French Guiana
Thémis Test Flight
Thémis is a reusable launcher demonstrator developed by CNES and ESA. It must liftoff from Kourou with three methane-powered Prometheus engines, and return to land on a recovery barge.
NET January, 2023
Kourou Space Center, French Guiana
Landing of ExoMars on Mars
ExoMars is a Martian rover of the European Space Agency that will land in the region of Oxia Planum. The rover will investigate the local geology and search for signs of past and present life.
NET March, 2023
Oxia Planum, Mars
OSIRIS-REx Returns a Sample of Bennu to Earth
The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will return a sample of the asteroid Bennu to Earth. The sample will land via parachute in the Utah desert.
NET Sun Sep 24, 2023
Utah Desert