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Crew Dragon (Crew-2) Docking

The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft for the Crew-2 mission will dock with Harmony IDA 2. Onboard will be crew members Shane Kimbrough, Megan McArthur, Thomas Pesquet, Akihiko Hoshide.

NET Fri Apr 23, 2021
International Space Station
Progress MS-14 Undocking

The Progress MS-14 cargo resupply vehicle will undock from the Zvezda module on the International Space Station.

NET Fri Apr 30, 2021
International Space Station
Stratolaunch "Roc" Test Flight

Stratolaunch is conducting a test flight of the world's largest aircraft by wingspan. Named "Roc," the carrier aircraft will eventually be used for hypersonic testing and possibly orbital launches.

NET April, 2021
Mojave Air and Space Port, California
Tianwen-1 Landing on Mars

The Chinese Martian lander Tianwen-1 will land at Chryse Planitia on Mars. It will become the first Chinese object on Mars. The HX-1 lander also contains a small rover. (Image credit: Xinhua)

NET Mon May 17, 2021
Utopia Planitia, Mars
CRS-22 Docking

A SpaceX Cargo Dragon will dock to IDA-3 on the International Space Station.

NET Fri Jun 04, 2021
International Space Station
Removal of the Pirs module

Russia will remove the Pirs module from the International Space Station to free the location for the future Nauka module. The undocking will be performed by a Progress cargo craft. The two vehicles will then be deorbited – burning up in Earth's atmosphere.

NET Sat Jul 17, 2021
International Space Station
Nauka docking

The new Russian Nauka module will allow Russia to have an additional scientific module aboard the International Space Station. Nauka will dock at the port of the old Pirs module.

NET July, 2021
International Space Station
Landing of ExoMars on Mars

ExoMars is a Martian rover of the European Space Agency that will land in the region of Oxia Planum. The rover will investigate the local geology and search for signs of past and present life.

NET March, 2023
Oxia Planum, Mars
OSIRIS-REx Returns a Sample of Bennu to Earth

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will return a sample of the asteroid Bennu to Earth. The sample will land via parachute in the Utah desert.

NET Sun Sep 24, 2023
Utah Desert