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OG2 Mission 2

Launch Time
Tue Dec 22, 2015 01:29 UTC
The first launch of Falcon 9 v1.2 (Full Thrust) and the first ever vertical landing of an orbital class rocket.


Falcon 9 Block 3
Status: Retired
Price: $62.0 million
Liftoff Thrust: 6,804 kN
Payload to LEO: 22,800 kg
Payload to GTO: 8,300 kg
Stages: 2
Strap-ons: 0
Rocket Height: 70.0 m
Fairing Diameter: 5.2 m
Fairing Height: 13.0 m



Flight #1
Landing Zone 1

Mission Details

OG2 Mission 2

Orbcomm Generation 2 (OG2) second-generation satellites are intended to supplement and eventually replace the current first generation constellation. Eighteen satellites were ordered by 2008—nominally intended to be launched in three groups of six during 2010–2014—and by 2015 have all been launched, on three flights. Orbcomm has options for a further thirty OG2 spacecraft. The satellites were launched by SpaceX on the Falcon 9 launch system. Originally, they were to launch on the smaller Falcon 1e rocket.
Payloads: 11
Total Mass: 2,034 kg
Low Earth Orbit




25th mission
21st successful mission
1st consecutive successful mission

Falcon 9

20th mission
19th successful mission
1st consecutive successful mission