Eutelsat 2F3

Launch Time
Sat Dec 07, 1991 22:47 UTC

Maiden flight of the Atlas ll rocket.


Atlas II
Image Credit: USAF or NASA
General Dynamics
Status: Retired
Liftoff Thrust: 2,479 kN
Payload to LEO: 6,580 kg
Payload to GTO: 2,810 kg
Stages: 2
Strap-ons: 0
Rocket Height: 47.5 m

Mission Details

Eutelsat 2F3

In 1990 Eutelsat began the deployment of the second generation Eutelsat spacecraft procured directly from Aerospatiale and based on the Spacebus-2000 design. Each Eutelsat 2 spacecraft supports 16 transponders (with eight spares) operating at 14/11 GHz and 50 W output power. In orbit, the spacecraft spans 22.4 m across the two rectangular solar arrays which generate up to 3.5 kW. Eutelsat 2 employs two, 1.6 m diameter multi-feed reflectors, one on each side of the spacecraft bus.

Payloads: 1
Total Mass: 1,878.0 kg
Geostationary Transfer Orbit


SLC-36B, Cape Canaveral SFS, Florida, USA



87th orbital launch attempt

Atlas II

1st mission
1st mission of 1991
1st successful mission