Yahsat 1A & Intelsat 28

Launch Time
Fri Apr 22, 2011 21:37 UTC

Launch was scrubbed from 30 March, aborted in the last seconds before liftoff due to a gimbal malfunction in the Vulcain main engine. Flight VA201.


Ariane 5 ECA
Image Credit: Arianespace
Status: Retired
Price: $200.0 million
Liftoff Thrust: 15,120 kN
Payload to LEO: 21,000 kg
Payload to GTO: 10,500 kg
Stages: 2
Strap-ons: 2
Rocket Height: 53.0 m
Fairing Diameter: 5.4 m
Fairing Height: 17.0 m

Mission Details

Yahsat 1A

Yahsat Y1A is intended to provide Ku, Ka, and C-band communications to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Southwest Asia. It is in geosynchronous orbit at fifty-three degrees East. Its launch mass was about 6000 kg.

Payloads: 1
Total Mass: 6,000.0 kg
Geostationary Transfer Orbit

Intelsat 28

Intelsat 28, formerly New Dawn, is a communications satellite operated by Intelsat, and positioned in geosynchronous orbit at 33 degrees east, serving TV and broadband communications to Africa.

Intelsat 28 was built by Orbital Sciences Corporation and is based on the STAR-2 satellite platform. Following its launch in 2011, one of its antennas failed to deploy, preventing the use of part of the C-band payload, limiting the spacecraft's operational lifespan.

Payloads: 1
Total Mass: 3,000.0 kg
Geostationary Transfer Orbit


ELA-3, Guiana Space Centre, French Guiana, France



17th orbital launch attempt


189th mission
2nd mission of 2011
182nd successful mission
45th consecutive successful mission

Ariane 5

57th mission
2nd mission of 2011
53rd successful mission
43rd consecutive successful mission