Türksat 6A

Launch Time
NET March, 2024


Falcon 9 Block 5
Status: Active
Price: $67.0 million
Liftoff Thrust: 7,607 kN
Payload to LEO: 22,800 kg
Payload to GTO: 8,300 kg
Stages: 2
Strap-ons: 0
Rocket Height: 70.0 m
Fairing Diameter: 5.2 m
Fairing Height: 13.0 m

Mission Details

Türksat 6A

First communication geostationary satellite built in Turkey. (Some payloads are Canadian)
Türksat 6A is a satellite that will provide data relay for civil and military communications to the Anatolian peninsula as well as most of the European continent, the Middle East, and the westernmost part of the Russian federation.
The satellite is equipped with 16(+4) Ku-band and 2(+1) X-band transponders. (reserve)

Payloads: 1
Total Mass: 4,250 kg
Geostationary Transfer Orbit


SLC-40 or LC-39A, Florida, USA