Intelsat 605

Launch Time
Wed Aug 14, 1991 23:15 UTC

Flight V45.


Ariane 44L
Image Credit: Arianespace
Status: Retired
Liftoff Thrust: 6,000 kN
Payload to GTO: 4,720 kg
Stages: 3
Strap-ons: 4
Rocket Height: 58.72 m

Mission Details

Intelsat 605

Intelsat 605, previously named Intelsat VI F-5, was a communications satellite operated by Intelsat. Launched in 1991, it was the fourth of five Intelsat VI satellites to be launched. The Intelsat VI series was constructed by Hughes Aircraft, based on the HS-389 satellite bus.

Intelsat 605 initially operated in a geostationary orbit with a perigee of 35,756 kilometres (22,218 mi), an apogee of 35,818 kilometres (22,256 mi), and 0 degrees of inclination. The satellite carried 38 IEEE C band and ten IEEE Ku band transponders and had a design life of 13 years and a mass of 4,296 kilograms (9,471 lb).

During late 1991, Intelsat 605 was operated at a longitude of 21.5 degrees west. In July 1992, it was placed at 24.5 degrees west, where it operated until November 1997. It subsequently operated at 27.5 degrees west from December 1997 to March 2003; 32.9 degrees east from April 2003 to October 2004; 77 degrees west from December 2004 to January 2005, and 174 degrees east from April 2005 to January 2009. It was placed into a graveyard orbit and decommissioned in January 2009.

Payloads: 1
Total Mass: 4,296.0 kg
Geostationary Transfer Orbit


ELA-2, Guiana Space Centre, French Guiana, France



57th orbital launch attempt


36th mission
5th mission of 1991
33rd successful mission
9th consecutive successful mission

Ariane 4

17th mission
5th mission of 1991
16th successful mission
9th consecutive successful mission